Romantic Goodnight wishes and Messages for Lover

Today I Share with you Goodnight wishes for Lover. Goodnight wishes and greetings are liked and loved by everyone, If you’re looking for Goodnight messages for love, then you have come to the right place. Small things depend on the most in lifestyles and that small factor would possibly simply be a candy Goodnight message on your lover. With the number of people using dating services and social networks to find their Lovers and Partners

Romantic Goodnight wishes for Lover

  •  Saying good night to you doesn’t mean that I am putting an end to the day, it means that I remember you before going to bed. Hope you feel the care and love that goes with it. Good Night!
  •  You give me more reason to fall in love with you each day, I have always been thinking of a way to make you fall in love with me more and more, day by day and I fall asleep and dreaming about you. Good Night!
  •  Finally, the night as comes and there is nothing I can do to stop thinking about you. I just hope that your dreams will bring you happiness and joy and the way you think about me will bring you, love. Happy Night Rest!
  •  Am right now at my bed lying down and thinking about you. And my day as has been so boring without you.  Good Night.
  •  A smile comes to my face when I look at the moon. Go ahead and open your window to a look of the moon too. We are not together right now, but looking at the moon brings us together. Good Night!
  •  Friendship is the best relationship ever because our friendship is love and as never cheats us. Good Night!
  •  You are my hero and my friend because you are with me in every situation. And I can never forget you in life, thanks for been there for me. Good Night!
  • do not underrate this because it contains little words, I want you to see that the words alone can’t describe the nature of the love I have for you, goodnight!
  • I found myself thinking about you without control because now your thoughts come naturally to my heart, then I realized it is bound to be so because you belong to me, I love you—goodnight!
  • I don’t think I need any other thing in my life beyond what I have found in you, baby comes to think of it; all I need is already found right in you. I love you so much, goodnight!
  • No matter how hard I tried to focus my thoughts on new things I found myself focusing them on you, maybe it is because I am now addicted to you like social media. I love you reasons. Goodnight!
  • You’re the woman that I cherish most in my heart and for the rest of my life, I will adore and care for you so much that you will be amazed for what love has turned me into. I love you smoothly. Goodnight!
  • From the deepest part of my heart, I am willing to let you understand that you’re the only true love I have among ladies and I will always value you beyond how you can imagine. Goodnight!


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  • No matter what the time we find ourselves says, no matter the condition of the era we find ourselves, you will always be the only woman my heart has chosen, now and forever. I love you so much. Goodnight!
  • Now and for the rest of my life I will always cherish you and nothing can stop me from adoring the gift the true Lord has given to me. I cherish you forever; honour you for whom you are goodnight!
  • I wish to be with you forever and also pray that we are always, I love the feeling that comes to my heart whenever I set my eyes on you and I’m lucky to have you in my life. Goodnight baby!
  • Damsel, I love you beyond the moon and cherish you beyond the star, because you are such an outstanding treasure. I feel like kissing you but the distance is too far to realize it. I miss you, goodnight!
  • Others may get drunk by taking tutoring with codeine or star hard drinks but as for my own part, nothing can make me feel drunk like your love. Baby, I just want to say I love you, goodnight!
  • I feel so special whenever you walk around me, in my heart I feel your touch from the distance of one year, and no matter how hard every situation may be please note that your love will always remain intact. I love you miss beauty, goodnight!
  • I appreciate your unending and uncommon love for me; I cherish you for the true lady you have become. In this world, I have never met another woman like you before. I love you, goodnight!
  • I am not happy because since the day I set my eyes on you I feel totally sick in love, and only your kisses and warm hugs can relieve me of the pain I’m going true. I love you more than what a word can explain. Goodnight!
  • I want you to know that no matter how big any water body may look it can never touch the taste of my love for you. I am sure you know that I so much love you, well I don’t need to stay hard on that fact, and I do. Goodnight

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