Happy 1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Girls and Boys

Happy One Year Birthday Wishes,birthday messages for One Year Old Child : Browse and get here Awesome First Birthday Wishes for a little Baby boy, little baby girl share these loving birthday wishes and say Happy First birthday in a more spectacular way, Share these Beautiful birthday wishes to his children 1st Birthday Wishes are always pretty awesome.

There are only a few occasions remember in child life  that is none other than 1st birthday, of course, one year old baby how can understand 1st birthday wishes but baby can remember these memories with pictures and greetings, First birthday wishes are parents to read and say happy 1st birthday wishes to a little baby,

First Birthday Wishes for a little Baby boy


  • You are a bundle of joy that multiplied all the best things in our lives, we cannot wait to enjoy your growing up days. Happy one-year birthday cutie
  • Wishing you many more candles to come and a bigger cake to fit them all on your birthday wish you a very 1st Happy Birthday to my baby boy
  • Just one year ago God reached down and blessed us with a beautiful daughter. We thank Him every day for our special gift.
  • Let laughter fill your cute mouth every day as you enjoy the arrival of the first among your best years ever. Happy one-year birthday baby.
  • Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Family  And Friends

  • Hi buddy…Please come and share the game and fun for our little boy Who’ll soon be one, Happy first birthday wishes to you.
  • Well, little princess, your reign over the kingdom of our hearts has reached a full year.
  • May your first year be the first of many more filled with just as much love and Family.
  • May all wonderful wishes, you receive today from well-wishers, come true from now until the rest of your long sweet life. Happy one-year birthday honeypie.
  • The meaning of your name is a “happiness, love and goodness”, I wish you the sweetest things that make a one-year baby enjoy the transition from babyhood to toddler. Happy one year birthday my dearest sweetheart
  • I hope that you grow up To be smart, tough and wise But also hope that you always Have the same innocence in your eyes
    Happy First Birthday wishes to you…
  •  Dear SON, May you have a birthday that’s absolutely great because it is your special day and it’s time to celebrate happy Birthday
    Happy 1st Birthday Wishes to my Son!

Beautiful 1st Birthday Wishes

It’s a day full of new challenges for them and many difficulties, but on the other hand, it’s a year full of happy moments. Read below many cute first birthday wishes for this unique moment, and send your warmest First birthday messages and greetings to the baby parents

  • Happy Birthday to a darling little angel. You have blessed the hearts of so many during your short time with us, we know you’ll touch so many more to come.
  •  Time is flying by so fast! We can’t believe that you are one year old today!
  • Let’s make a deal, baby girl. We’ll spoil you rotten if you promise to stop growing up so fast!
  • A big one year birthday wishes to you for all those sweet sleepless nights of your babyhood, those countless diapers changed and above all for bringing life, light, and joy into our home.
  • You are only one year old, but you have lifted 15 years off my age because you showered me with peace of mind, happiness, and goodness. Wishing you the best of a happy one-year birthday darling.
  • Happy One year birthday to a baby who is sweet, cheerful and giver of love. May your light shine in everything you do as you enjoy the sweetness of toddling
  • You Big and Cute eyes Your chubby little nose your adorable sweet smile your curly – burly toes your tiny soft hands your itsy- bitsy feet Give me all the happiness And make my life complete, Happy Best 1st Birthday wishes to you.
  •  You may still be tiny and small But you have stolen the hearts Of one and all Happy Beautiful 1st Birthday wishes to you.
  • ONE year one mission One family at a time It all starts with you have a Beautiful Happy 1st Birthday.
  • My dear sweet little you We adore you We love you We cherish you dearly We thank god for daily, Happy Birthday Wishes to you.
  • Well, one year old, it is your special day. Enjoy it like the special girl that you are.
  •  You have only one year with us. That means that you have many more years of being spoiled by your grandparents!
  •  When you blow out your candle and make a wish today, please wish for time to stop passing by so quickly.
  •  Best birthday wishes and a wonderful baby girl. You are an incredible treasure to us.
  •  Happy 1st Birthday to our beautiful baby girl. Now in about 25 years or so maybe Daddy will let you start dating!
  •  We are wishing you unlimited happiness, hugs, and cuddles for your special day!
  •  We hope that your birthday is filled with all of the fun that you can handle.
  • A baby girl like you is the blessing from heaven to this world. May you grow to become a Queen and be the best in your future endeavors. Happy one-year birthday damsel.
  • Enjoy this special day that marks the first of your finest years on earth. You have spread joy into our hearts,  may this life be a dream come true for you with every sweet step you take.
  • May you live a long sweet and special life that is filled with celebration, jubilation, and elevation in everything you do. Happy one-year birthday baby girl

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Family  And Friends

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