Good Night Images With Quotes, Wishes & Messages

Wishing your loved ones a goodnight before sleeping is a nice and sweet way of finishing the day with them. That too with a few kind words will add up to the pleasantness. Goodnight messages are very often used with lovers who love each other and would like to send them to their boyfriends & girlfriends. Nowadays some messaging apps are using embedded stickers to convey the same which works out during romantic times with him or her. Goodnight messages need not be sent on a particular night. It can be sent any time on a daily basis as the sun sets and the moon is lit. We have with us some of the best cute good night texts, SMS, quotes, sayings, greetings, wishes, messages, memes, pictures and images which can be downloaded, shared and sent to your friends and loved ones before you complete your day with them.

Good Night Images With Quotes, Wishes & Messages

Saying someone goodnight before sleeping is an act of goodness. It would cherish the mood of the person to whom it is said before they sleep. Similarly, parents with their little kid’s goodnight after telling them a story which will inculcate these good manners once they become older. Goodnight can also be said after a night party with friends or after a dinner party at a family relative In business meetings during night saying goodnight is a formal way of finishing the meeting and letting the other person know that you’re leaving. Telling goodnight also gives good hope for the next day to be enthusiastic. Loving couples can wish each other with a goodnight kiss after a romantic dinner date. We have here some of the most romantic goodnight wishes and quotes one can have for their girlfriend after spending a romantic dinner night. There are also some sad poetic lines for the broken hearts. Hope these all would help the guys to convince their lady love for marriage.

  • A life without smiles is like a bird without wings; Wings are the birds’ beauty; Smile is your beauty; Always keep smiling; Good Night!”
  • Look around yourself once, Whether your shadow is present or not, My memories will always surround you, Yours, Ever Loving Heart! Good Night!”
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  • I physically measured Love that is not expressed doesn’t reach the heavens, they say But my unexpressed love is in itself a heaven! Good Night!our distance, You were too far away from me; I mentally measured our distance in my dreams, You were nearer to me; I closed my eyes and measured our distance, You were in front of me; I m“In my life, In my heart, In my breath, In my dreams, In my memories, In my love, Forever and forever You and Your Lovely Friendship! My Dear….Good Night!” measured our distance with our heartbeat, You were inside my heart! Good Night!”
  • Five things that can’t be recovered Soul which leaves the body. The spoken words. The days went by. The lost youth. The heart that has been given. Good Night!
  • Like the eyes and the eyebrows, Like the sea and the waves, Like your phone and my messages, You and I should never ever be apart! Good Night Love…Sweet Dreams!
  • Two most important things in life; Never make a decision in anger, Never promise when happy! Good Night!
  • “When you find a dream inside your heart, don’t let it go. Dreams are the tiny seeds from which beautiful tomorrow grows. Good Night.

Sweet Good Night Wishes

  • Before the moon touches the sky, While the stars keep shining, Before the sleep overcomes your beautiful eyes, I would like to say Good Night!
  • Dreams are the memories of a person, Even if I’m not in your dreams, Do not remove me from your memories! Good NYT…Sweet dreams!
  • If the flowers smile then those flowers are proud, If you smile even those flowers are inferior to your smile. Smile, please. Good Night!
  • Nights are a beautiful gift, So open this gift by closing your eyes To see a beautiful world awaiting you the next day! Enjoy it! Sweet Dreams…Good Night!
  • I’m restless without sleep So that you can sleep peacefully. Good Night!
  • Not allowed inside’, I wrote in my heart’s door; Even though your thoughts came inside my heart and said, “I do not know to read.” Good Night Sweetheart!

  • How can I fall asleep without saying goodnight to the girl who has been the reasons for all the beautiful memories of the past and the happiness that I’m about to see in the future? I love You.
  • I love your memories more than you Because They never think of leaving me! Good Nite!
  • “In my life, In my heart, In my breath, In my dreams, In my memories, In my love, Forever and forever You and Your Lovely Friendship! My Dear….Good Night!”
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  • If you wake up a tiger while asleep Or if a tiger wakes you up while asleep, Either ways you are in trouble! So do not disturb me… I’m gonna sleep… Good night!
  • Although the moon is in the sky Moonlight will always be on Earth Similarly, wherever you are there Your thoughts will always be in my heart! Good night!
  • Worries are like single pages, Life is like a diary. Do not miss out on your diary due to some pages! Good night

  • In the sky full of stars moon is special, In a tree full of leaves, it’s fruit is special, In my heart full of friends, you are the only one special! Good night!
  • Whenever I get hiccups, I forget to drink water; Because when I know it’s you, I want to let them continue for a while… Good night!
  • When it’s time to dream, When it’s time to forget all the worries, Instead of closing our hearts, Let’s close our eyes, Till the sunrise! Good night!

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